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I ordered and received a product that was great but the actual tube it came in split open after 2 uses. $35 down the drain. Essential Dermcare responded to my call by saying they couldn't do anything for me because of their 30 day return policy. In fact the person I talked to was somewhat agitated and very dismissive. I had a previous and problem with another product and the implication seemed to be that I was a difficult customer. With the... Read more

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EssentialDermCare - Poor Customer Service.
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I have purchased several products from Essential Dermcare over the past few years. I have had two specific problems. One item wa sold in a glass dispenser, part of which broke during the course of normal usage. This was an expensive item and I had to discard 80% of the product (a 3 month supply). Essential Dermcare absolutely refused to compensate me in any way because it had been over 30 days since purchase. I notified the manufacturer who... Read more

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I Ordered 12 bars of Avene soap on 7/12/2014. I received an email on 7/14 saying the product was back-ordered and would be delayed 1 or 2 weeks. Product shipped 7/28; not scheduled to be received until 8/1/2014. MasterCard charged at time of order even though product was not available. (Yes, company states that this is their policy.) Essential Dermcare did nothing to expedite shipping in spite of delay. Just told me to refuse the... Read more

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I bought Decleor's Harmonie day cream through this website. Though packaging looked as it should - it was NOT the right cream in those jars. I have used this cream for a very long time and know exactly what it smells and feels like. What was in there smelled like Nivea's cheapest *** that someone had poured into the jars to make some money from poor idiots like me. Guess I learned my lesson. Do NOT buy products from this website!! I don't know... Read more

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I purchased a $60 concealer from them and it is so oily, it makes even waterproof mascara run leaving me with raccoon eyes. when I called to see if I could exchange it for something else, I was told that only unopened merchandise was returnable. When I told her the product did not work for me, I was told I should buy products from someone else before I buy them from Essential Derm Care. That is the most idiotic policy I have ever heard of. I... Read more

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They will only take back unopened products. I bought a product that didn't work - concealer that made my waterproof mascara bleed and they would not do a thing for me. I tried different mascaras with the same results. They said I should try the product at a spa or salon before buying anything from them. Seriously?? I will never buy anything from then again. $60 down the drain. I did not even want a refund - just a credit to try something else... Read more

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I received a product from essentialdermcare & the pump did not work. I emailed them to ask what I should do w/ the product since I had opened the box & the return information said the box shouldn't be opened. (How would you discover the bottle wouldn't pump if you didn't open the box??)The contact information assured me I would be responded to in 24 hrs. Well, a week went by w/ no response. I again emailed & asked what I should do & reminded... Read more

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I purchased a voucher from Eversave to apply to this company worth $30.00 value, I purchased some items, and they did not DEDUCT the Amount of the Voucher that was previously paid for, and they CHARGED ME TWICE!!! This company is small, and the person who handles customer service is inept and a LIAR - I asked who the President of the company was, and she said she did not know - yet this was the person that handled the phone and web customer... Read more

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