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I ordered and received a product that was great but the actual tube it came in split open after 2 uses. $35 down the drain.

Essential Dermcare responded to my call by saying they couldn't do anything for me because of their 30 day return policy. In fact the person I talked to was somewhat agitated and very dismissive. I had a previous and problem with another product and the implication seemed to be that I was a difficult customer. With the previous item I contacted the manufacturer directly and they informed me that they were probably going to change their packaging because other customers had experienced the same thing.

They sent me a new bottle directly.

Essential Dermcare could have easily taken the defective items back, the manufacturer would have reimbursed them, they just didn't want to deal with it, obviously customer service is not a priority for Essential Dermcare.

They do not stand behind the products they sell, this is not an isolated incident. DERMSTORE is an excellent alternative.

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